Happy Easter!

Our section wishes everyone calm and sunny holidays spent among close friends and family

Polish traditions during Easter

Good Friday in the evening the Way of the Cross takes place through the streets of the city
Holy Saturday Easter eggs are painted in the houses, families prepare baskets of goods, which the priest later sprinkles with holy water. Typical goods that are in the basket are bread, salt, horseradish, Easter eggs, sausage
Easter Sunday  the most important mass in the year, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ 
Easter Monday "Śmigus Dyngus" In Polish tradition, other people pour water on themselves  Water pouring refers to ancient pagan practices that combine with the symbolic wake of nature to life and every year the renewable ability of the earth to give birth

Typical dishes for Easter żurek soup, white sausage, eggs served in many different ways, mazurek cake, Easter cake, cheesecake